I’m a mum-of-three – here’s how to know if your baby is hungry or full based on their hands

A MUM-of-three has revealed how you can tell your baby is hungry or full based on their hands.

TikTok user Megan Hawkins, who posts under @thehawkinsfamily, shared how a balled fist or an open palm can be key for revealing if your newborn needs more milk.

In a video that has racked up half a million views, Megan said: “Learning baby cues.

“How to tell your baby is hungry.

“Clenched fists = hungry.”

Megan showed how a slightly open palm means they are almost full.

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She added: “Open/relaxed hands = Full & Happy.

“Disclaimer: all babies are different. They can have different cues. This is just what my baby does! Hope it helps!”

Many people were quick to comment on the video and share their own experiences.

One said: “This indeed is true for my baby. Just had my son and he is this video.”

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A second wrote: “Best advice a nurse ever gave me! Arms are floppy when they are full, and tight when hungry.”

Another added: “this is so helpful!!!!!!”

However, one commented: “Not for my daughter ever since she was born she loves to keep her hands clenched.”

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