I'm a mum of seven but still want more, trolls ask how I can afford to have such a large family but we make it work | The Sun

A MUM has revealed she still wants more children after having seven.

Ariel Tyson, from Bozeman, Montana, US, always knew she wanted a big family as one of four siblings.

But the mum of six boys and one girl has faced backlash over wanting more children.

Taking to TikTok, Ariel responded to one of her most asked questions, 'after seven kids, are you hoping for more kids?'

And Ariel confessed she and her paster husband, Michael were not entirely done with having babies.

She wrote: "Yes, either through birth or adoption."


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The family lives in Tennessee where they recently moved and are currently renovating their new home.

Ariel, a former college professor, gave birth to five of her boys in six years and clearly can't wait to welcome more to the family.

The mum gave birth to her youngest and only daughter, in December 2021 and gave birth to all seven kids in eleven years.

But trolls have asked the mum how she can afford to have so many and if she feels like she really gives each child the attention they need.

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One wrote: "how can you financially support such a large family? what jobs do you do?"

Another remarked: "How do you have time for each of them? That’s very selfish."

A third commented: "But why? You know that there r too many ppl on earth? We will run out of food by 2040."

But the mum revealed she does have help with a family assistant as well as her husband Micheal, she commented: "As of October, I have an assistant (work/family) since I work from home, but other than that, no."

While there were plenty of people criticising the mum for her large family, there were others in support of Ariel adding to her family.

One wrote: "Good for you. Medical reasons and age made us stop at 3 – but I’d have more in a heartbeat."

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Another commented: "You make such beautiful and happy babies why stop??!!! Time to continue the girl trend now!!!"

A third penned: "You really have a calling to be a mother! It’s amazing to see your enthusiasm for having a large family."

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