I'm a mum-of-four under three – watch to see how many nappies I have to change in just 12 hours | The Sun

A SUPER mum with four under three has revealed the sheer amount of nappies she has to go through in just 12 hours.

Fellow parents will know what a headache changing nappies can be. But Taelyn MacDonald, from the US, has taken things to the next level.

The mum-of-five, who posts under the username @taelynmacdonald on TikTok, has four children under three, so there's little to no break from changing diapers.

To demonstrate just how many times she has to clean her tots, the super mum shared a video on social media – and viewers were lost for words.

The family had just started their day when by 8am Taelyn had already changed four nappies to give their brood fresh ones after sleep.

However, just slightly over 30 minutes later and one of her babies needed changing again.

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By 8:42am, it was time for nappy number six – which was followed by change number seven at 9:47am.

Luckily, the mum-of-five managed to get a little break from the continuous nappy-changing – that is, until 11:19am when one of hers tots needed nappy number eight.

Six minutes later, at 11:25am, it was time for diaper number nine that was then followed by another 1.5h later, at 12:51.

For Taelyn, who has close to 273k fans following her motherhood journey, this was just the start of her day.

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After some calculating, the mum-of-five discovered she had gone through a monster pile of diapers – the total of which came to a whopping 22.

''Adding professional butt wiper to my resume,'' she chuckled in the caption of the now-viral video.

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Fellow parents on the app flocked to comments to express admiration, with one writing: ''Damn that’s a lot!!!!''

Another demanded: ''Good lord. @pampers please sponsor this awesome momma!!!''

Others reckoned the eldest of the four should start his potty-training journey.

''Like ur oldest boy should definitely be in pull ups and be learning to train properly and already be using the toilet.''

A mum was stunned: ''Idk how you do it. I have 3 under 5 & 2 older kids and it’s hard.

''My 1 yr old is enough trouble for all of my kids lol.''

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