I’m a mum – my easy trick will get rid of nasty limescale in your kettle instantly and there is no scrubbing involved | The Sun

A SAVVY mum has revealed how she gets her kettle sparkle like brand new – and it requires zero scrubbing.

Removing nasty limescale from your kettle is a task most of us avoid like the plague – after what feels like hours of vigorous scrubbing, the white layer is still there, and eventually, we just give up.

However, offering a helping hand to fellow cleaning enthusiasts, one Perth mum shared an easy way of to clean limescale off using just two inexpensive ingredients.

The self-proclaimed home hacks queen, Carolina McCauley, from Western Australia, took to Instagram this week to share her life hack.

According to Carolina, who's amassed more than 2.3million followers on her social media account, all you need is a cup of vinegar and a cup of water.

Once you've poured both inside the kettle, leave the magic mixture sit there for 30min.

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After it’s soaked, the mum-of-two boiled the kettle before pouring the water out and then rinsing the kettle.

With more than 12k likes, the easy trick has gone viral on the internet, with countless people thanking the whizz.

“Wonderful tips. Thanks,” one social media user commented.

Another couldn't wait to try the hack: “Gotta do this now!!!!!”

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There were also plenty of those who shared their remedies for a dirty kettle.

Someone penned: ''I just get one lemon cut it in half and boil it ive been doing it for years for my kettle [sic]. It works!''

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A fourth advised: ''Just use distilled water, it’s better for tea, coffee and herbal teas anyway with the added benefit of no lime scale because distilled water contains no minerals.''

However, not everyone seemed to be impressed with Caroline's video, as some claimed the vinegar trick didn't do anything.

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''I've done this with all my kettles, electric and over the stove and don't get them clean like this!!'' an Instagram user moaned.

''Didn’t work [crying emoji],'' read another negative review.

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