I’m a mum and this is how I get my kids down for dinner every night – and I never have to shout

CALLING the kids down for dinner can leave parents endlessly shouting and trying to get their attention. 

But one mum has discovered the perfect parenting solution to save herself from constantly having to call their names.

Laura Cuniff, who goes by the name of @inside_our_riverside on TikTok and Instagram, never has to call her children twice for dinner.

She instead uses doorbells, which means they always know when to leave their bedroom every time. 

Laura shared a video revealing how she has various doorbells stuck to the inside of one of her cupboards and each of them is linked to a speaker in her kids' bedrooms. 

She explained in the clip: "Tired of shouting at the kids? Try doorbells!


"Put one in each bedroom. No shouting."

The 30-year-old mum lives in Plymouth, Devon, with her partner Adrian and their blended family, consisting of her two children and his two children.

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Laura said she came up with the idea to use doorbells instead of shouting for her kids because her youngest son is autistic, and is sensitive to noise.

She said she came up with the idea because their young son has autism and is “very noise sensitive.” 

Laura adds: “So we were struggling to call the kids down without him grabbing his ears.

"We had an old doorbell from our previous house and we tried it out and it worked a treat so we put one in each of the three older children's rooms!

"It’s brilliant because the noise of the bell cuts through their headphones.

"It would also work for garages and sheds, or anywhere with a plug socket!"

It would also work for garages and sheds, or anywhere with a plug socket

Fellow parents have praised the hack as "genius".

One person wrote: "That is genius."

Another said: "I needed this years ago, this is amazing."

Someone else said: "I've done this and it works great. Less shouting and if they ignore I just keep pressing until they appear."

Another wrote: "I had this as my son was three floors up so he never heard me shouting, and no mobiles back then. The doorbell worked really well."

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