I’m a mum and my lazy b***h curry dinner means there’s only one pot to wash up and there's zero chopping involved too | The Sun

SOMETIMES you just don't have the time to cook up a storm in the kitchen.

But instead of forking out on takeaway, one mum has revealed the 'lazy b***h meal' she whips up when she can't be bothered to cook or wash up.

Sarita Holland, an Aussie mum-of-three has revealed the easy recipe she makes and it only requires one pot to cook it all in.

The mum showed how she makes the perfect coconut chicken curry in just one dish.

She said: "Tonight I'm making a kind of a cheats chicken curry on rice.

"It's all done in one pot.


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Normally done in a tray. I had no clean trays, so using a pot."

To make the meal, she added two cups of rice to a pan, of course, Sarita didn't bother washing the rice either in true 'lazy b***h meal' fashion.

She then added 100ml of water and a can of coconut cream.

For seasonings she added three teaspoons of fish sauce, before coating some boneless chicken thighs with curry powder and adding into the rice.

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She then took a handful of cherry tomatoes and put them on top of the chicken and rice, before putting it in the oven at 190degrees for twenty minutes.

Once the twenty minutes were up – Sarita added some green beans, frozen chopped onion, and some chilli sauce.

The mum put it back in the oven for ten minutes, and the dish was complete.

She finished the video saying: "Oh, my gosh, it smells so good.

"I only wish I could taste it, but I don't eat chicken."

Not only did the mum only have one pot to wash at the end of it all, but the meal also required zero chopping as well – genius.

The video has since gone viral with over 30k views and over 700 likes.

People quickly took to the comments section of the post, and couldn't wait to try the mum's easy recipe.

One person wrote: "Looks amazing thank you."

Another commented: "Definitely trying this one."

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"Love love your lazy meals," added a third.

Meanwhile, a fourth penned: "Making this!! Yum."

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