I’m a mom of three and refuse to dress my age – it’s easy to embrace getting older when you’re this hot | The Sun

A MOM of three has refused to age gracefully and is having a whole lot of fun in the process.

The days when one slipped into one's dotage, adopting comfortable clothes are not an option for this woman.

Irene Ilicia's (@ireneilicia) response to her advancing years is to do the opposite of what is expected of a woman her age.

She has got it and is therefore going to flaunt it as long as she can.

You are unlikely to find baggy sweaters or elasticated trousers in her wardrobe.

In a recent post to her TikTok, this mom wore a tight white T-shirt with a cheeky motif, a black micro mini skirt, and a fun furry hat over her long blonde tumbling tresses.

“When you refuse to dress your age," she insisted on her outfit.

This woman was super confident and not daunted by getting older: “It’s easy to embrace aging when you are this hot," she said.

She has set the standard for women who aren't yet ready to hang up their heels, and figure-hugging, revealing dresses.

“Am I getting old? Absolutely," she fired. “Am I going to start acting my age?"

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Her answer was hardly a surprise: "No. Why would you do that?"

Concluding her feisty post, she explained why she was going to carry on doing her thing, her way: "The world sucks enough. Continue to be a sh*t show, a fabulous sh*t show," she said defiantly.

Comments to her post were in awe.

But there was an acknowledgment from one fan: “Congrats on winning the mom trend.”

She was going to love this view from a follower: “My God queen, You are just amazing. Also, you literally look like your daughter’s twin.”

Finally, her attitude gave hope to others: “Omg, you’re an inspiration," said this grateful fan.

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