I'm a mom – my simple dollar store cleaning hack will keep your toilet spotless for DAYS | The Sun

AFTER a trip to your local dollar store, you'll be able to retire your toilet brush permanently.

A TikToker has revealed how she keeps her toilet sparkling clean with just a few household items.

TikTok user Shakarra, known to her followers as Trilla5thou, shared her DIY method for keeping her toilet spotless.

Shakarra explained that she uses a range of household products from the dollar store to effortlessly clean her toilet with every flush.

"I get an ice tray from the dollar store, a small bottle of Dawn dish detergent, a cup and a half of baking soda, two tablespoons of vinegar, and a half a cup of water," the TikToker said.

She continued: "Mix it up, put it in these ice trays, and I let it sit overnight. You put one cube in the top of your tank, close it up, let it sit there and dissolve."

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Shakarra used a Little Bites brownie to show her followers how her toilet cleans itself after flushing.

"You see it dissolving? You can see a little [mark] in there but as the water is coming down, it’s washing away. So, no more brushing," the TikToker explained.

She detailed in the comments section that the DIY cleaning tablet lasts for several flushes and only needs to be added on a weekly basis.

Shakarra's followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the cleaning tip.

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"See this is the type of information I need in my life!! Thank you," one user wrote.

Another viewer said: "I use this combo for laundry. Works awesome."

"Doing this because those toilet bowl dissolve things do not work," said a third person.

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