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A MASTER gardener has revealed a super cheap way to fill all your pots with pretty flowers – and you won’t have to fork out on fresh soil either. 

Tasia suggested that rather than splurging on loads of individual plants, her green-fingered followers should split the many included in bargain hanging baskets. 

And after your plants have died, she also recommends saving the soil they're sat in to use again next year.

Known online as @thefrugalfarmgirl, the savvy mum regularly shares gardening and money-saving tips with her 129,300 followers. 

In a new TikTok reel, she said: “Need to landscape your yard w/flowers on a budget? Try this!

“Today I want to show you guys a frugal way to fill potted planters. 


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“So see all these stairs I have… I love to put my planters on these and fill them up, and I don't want to do it for a lot of money. 

“So here's how you can do it cheap. 

“Go to your local… I went to Lowe's. Anywhere, Home Depot, wherever, local nursery. 

“Look for the hanging baskets that are on sale, and clearance is even better.

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“So for example, this was on sale for $8, which I like to spend six or less, but I really wanted to get these filled this weekend. 

She continued: “If you see, this was normally $12.98, so never pay full price for flowers either, you guys. 

“$12.98 and they marked these down on sale for $8.

“I also for the most part just use the same soil. I put these away through the winter and they're still pretty good. 

“So you can just clip off these little things on the side. They just come right off.

“Then you’re going to just lightly shake it right out. You can see all the roots. 

“So when you look up into this plant, you can see each individual plant. 

“So you want to try to look for one that has a lot of little plants inside, and then you can just gently break it apart. 

“And then when I just put one in here, one fills it up pretty well and then I can fill the rest with my flowers, versus buying one plant this size for $3 to $4, or even buying annuals. 

“And don't forget to sometimes, depending on what flower you get – these ones are kind of the size they’re going to be – they’ll grow ever bigger.

“So, another frugal way is buy the plants that are even smaller because they're cheaper and then let them grow. 

“I hope that helps you save money. I just filled the six planters for a little bit less money.”

Fans loved her savvy hack, with the video gaining more than 15,100 likes and 657,300 views. 

In the comments, other keen gardeners shared their reactions, with one writing: “Yesss queen great idea.”

“I've been doing this for many years. Not only is it cheaper, they do all the work of growing the plants that look good together. I just repot,” commented another. 

A third added: “You told my secret to the TicTok world. And I’m not mad about it”

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Someone else put: “Learned something new.”

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