I’m a Margot Robbie lookalike – I dressed like her in Wolf Of Wall Street and people say I’m a 10/10 | The Sun

WHEN it comes to gorgeous female celebrities, Margot Robbie is one of the first that comes to mind.

One blonde beauty is lucky enough to be Robbie’s doppelganger, and she’s taking full advantage of the comparison.

Posting a video to a TikTok account called @leakslounge, the woman proved how much she resembles the Australian actress.

Because Robbie is perhaps best known for playing the role of Jordan Belfort’s wife in Wolf Of Wall Street, her lookalike decided to dress up like that character.

She had her thick blonde hair curled in classic waves, wore sunglasses on her forehead, and rocked a tight, cut-out blue dress that flaunted her full chest.

The best part? Where her cleavage peaked was hundred-dollar bills, right on par with the millionaire’s wife Robbie portrayed on screen.

While mouthing along to a voice over from the film, the lookalike’s resemblance to the movie star was uncanny.

“Margot Robbie 2.0,” the caption read.

Viewers were in awe of her beauty.

“She is stunning,” one person wrote.

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“Ten out of ten,” added another.

“You look just like her,” a third noted.

As for another celebrity doppelganger, a woman named Susan (@truthfully1031), lip-synced along to viral audio of an interviewer asking a stranger on the street which celebrity she thinks she looks like.

Susan herself has soft facial features and rosy cheeks. But her most prominent feature is probably her big, bright green eyes. 

She also has brown wavy hair that fades into a blonde ombre with wispy bangs.

“Who’s your celebrity doppelgänger?” the man asked in the audio.

Susan smiled and sarcastically mimicked the woman’s response, saying: “I’ve never been told I have one.”

“You don’t think you look like any celebrity?” the man asked in shock before asking someone else: “Who does she look like?”

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Ultimately, a “3, 2, 1” countdown popped up on the screen over Susan’s face.

With the celebrity twin filter on, the video slowly warped and Susan’s face faded into a photo of Melissa McCarthy.

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