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WE all like to think we know what we’re doing when it comes to our make-up, but one professional has revealed the common mistakes she sees people do with their eyebrows all the time.  

Make-up artist Janae Lockard [@beautybyjanae] has been in the field long enough to have experienced every blunder in the book and now she’s sharing the big no’s when it comes to brows. 

Wearing a brown T-shirt with her brunette mane down into loose waves in the TikTok video, she told viewers her first pet peeve is when she sees people do their base layer before their brows. 

“Doing your base makeup first – NO!” she explained before taking a thin brush to point at the inner edge of the brows as she shared: “Over plucking this area… Over plucking that area is not going to work.” 

Applying a hint of brown brow tint to the brush, she then drew a small line from the bottom inner edge towards the centre. 

“Beginning your brow too far down,” she said. 


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Janae then said she doesn’t think it looks great when people fill in the entirety of their eyebrows with “too dark a colour and too big a brush”. She called this “unnatural and too harsh”. 

The MUA then brought out four products to demonstrate how to do eyebrows the correct way instead. 

“Instead, we want to use a brow gel. There’s nothing I love more than this one,” she continued as she showed a yellow bottle of got2b glued styling spiking glue. 

She then instructed people to “pick up the product” before brushing it into the eyebrows upwards and outwards. 

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“Soften the edges if that’s too fluffy,” she continued before warning people away from going over the same brow again and again because it creates “flaky crusties nobody wants”. 

Following the gel, she instructed people to add thin strokes with a brow pen of their choice. 

If you don’t have a brow pen and instead prefer a pomade, Janae said to use a very thin brush.

“What I do as a make-up artist is pinch the end of the brush so it’s really thin for those little hair strokes,” she went on. 

Going back to the eyebrow she did incorrectly, she warned people not to carve out the top and bottom lines of the eyebrows with concealer. 

“Instead, use a minimal amount to the bottom outer corner part of your tail,” she suggested. “Then with practically nothing on the brush, you can carve out this inner part.” 

While she was against carving out the top part of the brow, she was completely for doing this with foundation. 

Showing off the final result, with the stark difference seen in both the brows, she added: “of course these are just my opinions & you can rock whatever brows you feel confident,” [sic] in the caption. 

People were clearly left impressed with the results as one person immediately questioned: “What brow pen are you using?” to which she responded by letting them know it was the Urban Decay Brow Blade. 

“Imma need to try this,” [sic] another stated as a third shared: “As someone who’s always been obsessed with brows this was so satisfying to watch”. 

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A fourth said: “omg this was actually a very informative tutorial lol ima try now”. [sic] 

While a fifth added: “YASSS GIRL [clapping hands emoji]! Thank you!! I literally still do the left eyebrow not knowing how to make it look natural, you saved me!” 

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