I’m a make-up expert, you’ve been putting on highlighter all wrong & why you should never apply it directly on your face

ANYONE who applies liquid highlighter as part of their make-up routine will no doubt have been doing it in the same way since the very beginning. 

But now a make-up expert has slammed the trusted technique of applying it directly onto the skin with the brush, before revealing her alternative guide to nailing the look. 

When beauty fan Amelia Olivia, who is known by @amelia0livia on TikTok, was asked by one of her 698,000 followers why her liquid highlighter doesn’t blend properly, Amelia was on hand to clear up the common make-up problem.

She posted a video response of herself dabbing the make-up on her skin using the brush it comes with.

Then she said: “Please stop applying liquid highlighter like this. 

“People always ask why their liquid highlighter doesn’t work for them, why it goes flaky, cakey and patchy – and it’s because you are applying it directly to your base look.”

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She then offered up her solution, explaining highlighter should actually be applied using just your hand and a damp beauty sponge. 

Amelia continued: “My perfect way to apply it that I’ve found is to apply it to your hand.”

She then demonstrated to her followers what she meant, by painting on some highlighter to the palm of her hand. 

The TikTok star continued: “Then use a damp sponge to pick some up and then top off the excess and press and massage it into the skin.

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After finishing the final step, Amelia said: “It’s just going to melt in like butter and you’re going to get a glass skin finish. 

“I apply it absolutely everywhere and it’s going to make it look like you just have your skincare on – it is stunning.”

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Fellow beauty fans were quick to comment on the post and thank Amelia for coming to their aid.

One wrote: “Thanks for telling me this, I wondered where I was going wrong.” Another said: “Thank you for this, I’ve been struggling!”

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