I’m a lawyer – why I NEVER remove pills from their original packaging, especially if going on holiday | The Sun

LAWYERS must deal with a lot of crazy, sometimes frightening, scenarios.

One lawyer said she’s seen one too many things go wrong when it comes to prescription drugs – and she’s issuing a warning to others.

Lawyer Carrie Jernigan, who goes by @CarrieJernigan1 on TikTok, has gained a following of over 1.2 million users thanks to her videos that offer practical, legal-driven advice.

She recently posted a video in which she shared some medicine-related words of wisdom.

 “Here’s part two of things I will not do based upon what I have seen being a lawyer: prescription drug edition.

“I will not ever remove any prescription pills from outside the original container that I got from the pharmacy.”

She said this is especially important when traveling, adding that travel pill containers aren’t the best idea.

Her second rule was that she would never keep in her personal possession a pill bottle that belonged to someone else, as this can pose a risk if trouble arises.  

And her third rule of thumb was: “I would not take a single prescription medication that I am not prescribed.”

She said that contrary to what you might think, this is a very common occurrence.

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“If you’ve ever had a horrible toothache and you don’t have a dentist appointment for two days, or if you’re at the lake and you cut your hand and a friend says, ‘Hey, I’ve got a low-dose hydrocodone that may help you until you get to that appointment,’ lots of people will take that.”

Carrie warned about the dangers of taking someone else’s medication.

“The amount of crime lab reports with medication that looks like it came straight from a legitimate pharmacy and it is actually counterfeit traced with fentanyl is insanely scary.

“I would not take a single prescription pill that was not handed to me by my pharmacist.”

Viewers appreciated her professional guidance:

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“Oh wow! I didn’t realize I shouldn’t put my pills in an organizer,” one person wrote.

“Wow didn’t even think about this,” added another.

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