I'm a Kylie Jenner lookalike and stay-at-home mom – trolls say I'm 'attention seeking' but I don’t care | The Sun

ONE mom is famous on TikTok for being Kylie Jenner's clone, but people criticize her.

Stay-at-home mom Taylor doesn't care that she's accused of "attention-seeking" by promoting herself as Kylie's lookalike.

With full lips and dark, thin brows, Taylor's features are identical to the 25-year-old Jenner's.

Her comparable appearance is the reason for her following of 268,600 on TikTok.

But despite her many supporters, Taylor has some trolls who dislike her content, and they're not afraid to express that.

In a recent post, Taylor responds to a cynic's opinion of her and clarifies she doesn't care for a reason.

The hate comment reads: "She loves the attention she gets from slightly looking like Kylie lmaooo."

With a clean and natural face, Taylor calmly addresses the statement.

"True, those are the videos that get me the most engagement, yes," she admits.

"I'm a stay-at-home mom with no income."

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Taylor's little one whimpers in the back before she continues.

She says: "So, excuse me for trying to build a following miss. It's 2022, can we stop the mean girl s**t?"

Taylor openly explains how she prefers to stay and work from home because she can spend more time with her baby.

Frustrated supporters spoke out against Taylor's haters in the comments.

"Like leave her aloneee, let her live her life who gaf if she looks like Kylie like move on..anyways let them hate girl obviously they’re obsessed," a fan wrote.

One assertive individual added: "Yeah sure they look alike but seriously she’s had this face since she was born Kylie bought it 4 years ago."

Another admirer commented: "Stay home w your cutie and enjoy queen!!!"

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