I’m a hairdresser & these are the 8 things clients do which make me rage – are you guilty of any of them?

EVER wondered what your hairdresser is really thinking?

Well now you don't have to.

Viral TikToker and hairdresser Sarah has revealed exactly what you do which bugs her when you visit the salon.

And the first one – while sitting in the chair – is cutting your own hair.

Yes, you read that right, some people actually pick up the scissors and snip away.

She also revealed people often move the chair forward, despite her careful positioning.

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"Are [they] trying to kiss themselves in the mirror?" she queried. "The chair one makes me rage. I need the chair exactly where it's at."

Then she revealed how some clients used products without asking, even pocking their fingers into creams and serums.

Other issues included people trying to become as blonde as possible – at whatever cost.

"Customers are desperate to be blonde as possible," she said. "[They will say] 'I don't care if it falls out. 'Don't worry. I can handle a chemical burn. I wouldn't tell anybody.'"

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But of course Sarah, a professional, won't risk that.

Another big no-no is "trying to steal someone's appointment".

And she revealed how some cheeky people requested refunds claiming "the colour had faded" and "it has lost shame".

"I look homeless," said one woman – failing to mention her hair appointment was a year ago.

Sarah also said people who interrupted her mid-cut got short shrift.

And some customers were plain rude if she couldn't help them magically transform shades.

People were sympathetic to her – with fellow hair stylists saying they too had experienced what she had.

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"These happen A LOT more often than you think," said one person.

Another added, after Sarah revealed some people were desperate to go blonde: "We had a woman lock herself in the bathroom for 30 minutes because she didn't believe us when we said it would only take five to 10 minutes. Her hair burnt."

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