I’m a hairdresser and people say I should go to jail after what I did to my client’s hair days before her wedding | The Sun

GOING to the hairdresser can be a gamble, especially if it is right before your wedding.

A hair stylist has bravely revealed how she had a “fail” of a job right after going through hair school, and left a bride’s hair “fried” and crispy.

The TikTok user looked embarrassed as she wrote: “Me thinking about the time I completely melted my clients’ hair off 2 months before her wedding.”

She then panned to the woman’s very bleached hair, which had an alarming bald patch.

The hair stylist added: “Really exposing myself. We all start somewhere. I was only months out of hair school.”

The video has racked up over 169,000 likes, and people were shocked.

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One said: “You should be in jail.”

Another added: “We are all a villain in someone’s life”.

A third wrote: “Girl respect for outing yourself.. that’s rough” to which the hair stylist rescinded: “I’m not afraid of owning my mistakes because it made me who I am today.”

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And one kind person commented: “I’m so sorry you both went through that.

Every stylist has a horror story from right after school. I hope you stayed in it!”

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