I’m a gym girl – people say ‘men don’t like muscular’ women but I don’t care, they like me | The Sun

A FIT woman builds up body muscle and self-confidence at the same time.

Even when trolls tell her "men don't like muscular" women, she doesn't listen because she knows they'll like her.

Nona Bayat (@nonabayat) refutes the critics' claims about her body shape.

She posted a video to acknowledge what people think about her and prove she doesn't care.

And to do so, she stunted in her athletic apparel: a matching blue set and baggy gray sweatpants.

"Men don't like muscular," trolls will tell her.

The caption hung over Nona's head on the screen. She turned to face the camera.

The female fitness fan smiled and laughed, absorbing the absurdity of the comment.

She threw her arm up and toward the screen as if she was punching the comment.

Nona said: "Did I ask…"

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Viewers showed nothing but support in the comments, refuting the opinions of Nona's haters.

"She has a healthy and toned body, though, like it’s perfect. Plus, it’s still feminine," one kind woman noted.

An interested man admitted: "I love muscular girls."

Another man proclaimed: "Men without muscle just say it. From all gym bros, we love bodies like that."

"The ones that say this are intimidated," a supporter agreed.

"The real ones do trust," a forward man remarked.

A sweet viewer added: "Yes, we do. You look great. Keep pushing, ma’am!"

And an enamored man joked: "Apparently, I'm not a man."

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