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NOVEMBER might not feel like the prime time to garden, but there are some jobs that still need to be done.

So if you want your outdoor space to look lush year round, here's exactly what to check off your list right now.

According to the pros at Gardeners World there's plenty to be getting on with this month, from planting new blooms to harvesting crops.

They explained: "Plenty of flower and vegetable seeds can be sown or planted in the UK in November.

"Sowing in November gives you a head start on the gardening year ahead, bringing flower and vegetable harvest times forwards, while taking up soil space that would otherwise remain empty."

Fruit and vegetables to plant


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Broad beans

You can plant broad beans in the ground or in small pots if you want to harvest the tasty vegetable a few weeks early.

Not only that but they can help "soil structure and prevent leaching of soil nutrients in autumn rains," according to the pros.


Certain chillies can be grown year round on your windowsill, just keep them in a pot and make sure they get plenty of light.

Spring onions

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Although not all varieties of spring onions will thrive, hardier ones like 'Performer' are perfect to sow right now.

You can plant them in pots and keep them in a greenhouse or near a window inside.

Apples and pears

"Bare-root apples and pears can be planted now, along with container-grown trees," the gardening experts explained.

They added that picking the right rootstock for your tree is vital, since this will help they grow strong.

Flowers to plant

Sweet peas

Although they can also be sown in spring, planting sweet peas now will result in earlier flowering, which will brighten up your garden.


You can plant Bugle in the sun or in partial shade in November and will have stunning blooms by spring.

The pros said: "You could also try sowing the showier native Ajuga genevensis, which doesn't spread as quickly. Both provide evergreen colour."


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This bee-friendly plant needs a period of cold weather to germinate, so right now is the perfect time to add it to your garden.

Simply sow the seeds in small pots or trays and leave in a cold frame or green house over the colder months.

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