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WITH summer fully upon us, there’s no better time to get your garden in order and looking better than ever. 

But, as well as dealing with weeds and overgrown plants and bushes, there’s also the matter of how much you should be watering everything in your garden – from the grass to specific flowers. 

But that’s where This Morning’s Daisy Payne comes in, as she exclusively reveals her top summer gardening tips to Fabulous, including the major do’s and don’ts of how you can make sure your outdoor space is the envy of your neighbours.  

Starting off with a strict rule, Daisy, 24, a regular on the ITV morning show, tells us: “Don't water your lawn – grass is really sturdy and resilient, it copes well without water.”

She added the warning: “So even if it turns brown it will bounce back after some rain.”

On the other hand, Daisy maintains that plants do need to be watered – but only at specific times of the day.

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The charismatic gardener continues: “Water your plants early in the morning or at night when it's cooled down a little bit. 

“Certainly don't water in the heat of the day. When the sun shines on water it can act like a bit of a magnifying glass and will burn your leaves.”

Turning her attention to the various different sized plants that could be scattered around your lawn, Daisy says you need to take the size and location into careful consideration.

She explains: “A big plant in a small pot will need more frequent watering than one in a border. 

“In a border, the roots are free to grow wherever they are able to find water and draw their moisture from a much larger volume of soil than a plant in a pot, which is in a confined space.”

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She continues: “Adding organic matter and peat free compost into your borders will help the moisture-holding capacity in your soil, so it's good for your plants. 

“It also means that when you do water, it's really effective and will help you to conserve water.”

Meanwhile, if you’re in the business of growing vegetables, each different variety should be looked at individually. 

Daisy says: “If you're growing lettuce and tomatoes, they will require more watering because their roots aren't very deep. 

“Whereas rooting vegetables, like carrots, will be a bit more resistant.”

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Finally, the morning TV star concludes that regardless of what you’re watering, it’s important to 

She concludes: “Try and recycle water if you can – use as much from water butts and similar types of containers that have collected water when it’s rained.” 

Catch Daisy on This Morning throughout the summer from 10am on ITV and ITV Hub

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