I’m a gardening expert and this is how to get rid of weeds without spending a penny

WEEDS can ruin the entire look of a garden and frustratingly, they seem to pop up time and time again.

But if you don't want to use chemical weed killers, which can also kill your grass, then keep reading.

A gardening expert has revealed the natural way to get rid of weeds and the best part?

It's totally free.

Martine Le Gassick, a creative director at gardening shop Stark & Greensmith recommended using boiling hot water to kill needs.

She told the Express: "This can be a quick and simple way of disposing of weeds.


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"Just make sure to pour small amounts over the area and make sure to keep the area clear until the water has cooled down."

Another great tip Martine recommended was to use baking soda – which many people have lying about in their cupboard.

She continued: "Baking soda is great for those stubborn weeds you can’t quite seem to get rid of.

"This should be used on stoned areas like patios as the mixture can kill flowers surrounding the affected area."

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You can also use vinegar to help get rid of weeds, but the expert says it works best on surface weeds, and won't penetrate deeply enough to completely destroy them.

Tom Hilton, managing director of Bolton indoor gardening specialists, National Greenhouse, agreed.

"You simply just need a gallon of white vinegar mixture of five percent acetic acid and 95 percent water, and a spray bottle to target those pesky nuisances," he added.

If you want to make your water solution more effective – you can add a drop of vodka to the mix.

However, if you do this use it on weeds in your patio as it can dry out and kill any plants surrounding the weed.

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