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A FITNESS fanatic has told how she enjoys working out topless in the hopes of empowering other women.

Hyper-mobile athlete Sarah Anne loves to push the boundaries when she's exercising – with both her equipment and her attire.

The 24-year-old explained she was left with a bad taste in her mouth after noticing men were seemingly hijacking a TikTok trend.

Women have been sharing clips of their intense workout regimes, specifically showing off their impressive pull-ups, on the video-sharing app.

The online craze gained traction as female fitness buffs encouraged others to show off their strength.

But Sarah claims blokes were muscling in on the fun and flooding TikTok with their own pull-up videos, diluting the message.


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So in a bid to reclaim the trend aimed at inspiring and motivating women, the athlete decided to create a video proving females can do anything the opposite gender can.

And for Sarah, this includes working out topless to flaunt her extraordinary physical form.

In the clip that racked up over 13million views, she wore only a pair of Nike shorts and white socks to complete her workout.

All eyes were on her jaw-dropping back muscles as she proved her powerlifting ability and expertly performed three pull-ups.

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Sarah, who suffers from hip dysplasia, captioned the clip: "I'm seeing a lot of men controlling women trends lately, so I think today's a great day to flip the message."

A host of amazed women flooded the comment section with compliments.

One said: "She's got more muscles in her back than half the guys commenting. The control."

Another gushed: "I am all for girl power."

A third added: "If boys can go without shirts, how come girls can't either? Keep up the good work!"

A fourth chimed in: "Yes those back muscles ma'am! Inspiring."

And a fifth admirer wrote: "Look at that beautiful strength!"

But others were left stunned that the sportswoman had stripped off.

Yet Sarah refused to let any negativity get to her and instead doubled down on her previous statement.

She told one commenter who suggested she put a shirt on: "If you can do it outside of the home, so can I."

It comes after another gymgoer who enjoys working out topless was forced to defend her decision to social media users.

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