I’m a female tradie – men say I’m distracting and they couldn't work with me because I'm too good looking | The Sun

A TRADESWOMAN has taken to social media to show off what it’s like working a manual job.

Known on TikTok as @weldherkat, the female Welder has amassed over 9,000 followers and 80.9k likes on the video sharing platform.

Kat is a Welder from California, United States and regularly posts on the video sharing platform about what it’s like working in the male-dominated industry.

The stunning woman revealed that men often say she is distracting and couldn’t work with her because she is too good looking.

She explained that people always say she "doesn't look like a welder."

Not only this, but she said that people often say to her: “Women in trades are distracting” to which she responded with “It is us or our work.” 

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Kat regularly shares videos of her working in her manual job to the social media platform, which often receive hundreds of comments from men praising her good looks.

One person said: “Yeah if we worked together I would be way distracted.”

Another added: “I couldn't have a woman that looks like you on site. 80% of the men would be worthless cause they be more concerned with you than their work.” 

A third commented: “God knows! If you were welding on one of my sites. I'd only be able to focus on you, SEXY!” 

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Whilst someone else posted: "All the welders I know are not that beautiful."

Meanwhile, one woman noted: “The people in this comment section are disgusting. She's working. not meant to be a "distraction" for the male gaze. She did better than all of you.” 

In another clip, Kat noted: “Don’t underestimate women who know how to manipulate metal.”

The blonde haired beauty revealed that she is often judged for how she looks.

She explained that people assume that she works in the beauty industry as a result of her attractiveness.

She claimed that when she told people “I think I’m going to go to school for a trade”, many would respond with “Like what…hairstyling” to which Kat shared a variety of videos of her in her manual job.

As well as this, Kat stated that people will always ask her “Why blue collar?”.

To which Kat replied “cause I’d probably get my makeup all over a white collar.” 

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She then confirmed: “You don’t have to act masculine to dominate in a male dominated trade.”

Kat explained that men will often say to her "It must be pretty intimidating working in a male dominated industry" but the confident woman is here to prove them wrong as she shared pictures of her at work.

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