I’m a female fire investigator – I dress like a boy for work so I dance like a girl before my day starts | The Sun

A FEMALE fire investigator has demonstrated her femininity is still intact, despite dressing like a boy for work.

This lady demonstrated her downtime side by dancing before work, and she put on a pretty good show.

It was a good way of preparing for a working day at her job because it can be pretty intense.

She has to grab her chance when she can.

Her work uniform might be boy-like, but it goes with the territory of this job and it is a case of necessity too.

As a fire investigator, it is Chassafras' (@envisionexpansion) job to determine the cause of a fire or explosion.

It can be a dirty job.

She often finds herself within the sooty remains of fire-damaged buildings.

So a uniform of black trousers, a jacket, a baseball hat, and boots is the sensible option.

This is no place for heels, floral fabrics, or cute dresses.

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In her post, she introduced herself as she prepared her choreography.

“I’m a fire investigator, had to hit it one more time before work since I dress like a boy for that, lol.”

Then this professional lady broke into dance, busting some pretty cool moves.

As one of the few women working in this male-dominated field, this was cause for celebration.

There was a lot of admiration for this lady forging a path for others wanting a similar career.

“This is my dream but have no idea where to start," said one person.

Finally, her post inspired others.

“Omg, it is my dream job to be a fire investigator. I’ve never seen a female one yet.”

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