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A FASHION professional has shared her secret to reversing breast sagging with an unusual but effective technique.

The woman shares an unusual chest exercise that not only strengthens the chest muscles but also lifts the bust.

Clothing brand owner Annee Matthew tells viewers a few tips to enhance the chest muscles for many women, pre and post-baby.

Known on TikTok as@anneematthew, the fashion professional says her brand Annee Matthew celebrates more than motherhood but also the strong, happy, contented, and independent women.

It makes sense since the video is a quick and easy styling hack that any woman can utilize regardless of where they are in life.

The TikTok video is meant to educate women on a few massages they can implement into their daily routine if their breasts are already sagging.


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"So what to do if your breasts are already sagging?" Matthew says at the beginning of the video.

She is casually dressed in a pink T-shirt with her hair pulled back from her face in order to portray the bust lifting trick.

"There are many chest exercises that will strengthen the chest muscles…" she states.

Though she doesn't delve too deep into that topic before shifting her focus to the massage techniques she wants to share with her viewers.

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"In this video, we're going to talk about massage," she explains. There are massages that you can do for your breasts, specifically."

The expert then goes on to say that olive oil is an important ingredient in the process or at the very least a good moisturizer that you like.

Oil is better because it doesn’t absorb as fast into the skin as regular lotion or moisturizers.

Matthew then demonstrates the massage technique on her own body over her shirt but without the olive oil.

"First, you massage inwards in a circular motion. This is to circulate the blood flow and then you go this way," she says as she shows how to gently lift one breast in a rapid but light motion.

The content creator says the tactic is most effective when done daily and provides optimal results.

Though the TikTok was short and to the point, there were many questions and responses in the comment section with Matthew answering a few.

"Now my hubby will be much more understanding why I took longer time when me shower time," one user commented.

To which she replied, "Haha! It’s better to massage after shower when your pores are open."

"Can we just do it in shower? use the foam bubble haha. or must use oil?" another asked.

"Can but will not be so effective sis…" she replied.

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