I’m a fashion fan and love Matalan hauls – there’s a sneaky section you NEED to check out and buys cheaper than Primark | The Sun

A FASHION fan has revealed she’s managed to find an incredible array of clothes from a sneaky section of Matalan. 

With some items costing less than what you might find at Primark, Regan Ellis argued that people need to head down to their local store to take a look at their range. 

“I heard someone say that Matalan has got amazing clothes,” she started her TikTok video while panning the camera across the storefront. 

She went on to explain that she dragged her pal Ollie with her to take a look at what Matalan had in store.

“When we got in there, it was actually really nice,” she continued. “I saw this co-ord that I thought would look really nice for holiday so I got that.” 

Ollie could be seen holding up a pink, purple, yellow and red skirt with a matching halter neck to show off the outfit for viewers as she spoke. 


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@reganellisx then found beach bags for £12.50, which she called “really cute” before adding to her basket. She also found a matching bumbag. 

“All the clothes were giving me summer vibes, but then I saw this jumper,” she went on, turning the camera to face a white and black V-neck jumper. 

“And hear me out, it’s giving Zara vibes. UGGs, jeans, jumper… I thought, ‘That’s a real good look,’ so chucked that straight in.” 

Regan continued to share the sneaky section she looked at, where there were many items of clothing that fit her perfectly for a cheaper price. 

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“But then guys… The teenage bit of Matalan,” she said as her pal held up a pair of blue jeans. “The teenage bit is where it’s at.”

She continued: “It goes up to age 16 and I’m a size 10 and everything was fitting me, look at the seamless sets. 

“They’re giving Primark but cheaper. And obviously because they’re kids clothes, they’re tax free. But don’t hold me to that. 

“But everything was really nice…” 

“Guys I cant wait to show you the try on haul,” she added in the caption.

Viewers were quick to comment on her video as one person wrote: “matalan is underrated … home section is good too !!” [sic] 

Another shared: “their shoe section is so good too!!” [sic] 

As a third posted: “I went yesterday. I was so surprised, I could have got so much , so many amazing things x”. [sic] 

A fourth added: “I literally own that white and black jumper. One of my faves”. [sic]

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