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YOU may think that you have a fabulous wardrobe and that your outfits look great, but one personal stylist begs to differ.

It turns out that we are making fashion mistakes and not only are they making us look bigger than we actually are, they are also making our style look dated.

Christie Ressel, a personal stylist with 136,000 YouTube subscribers has revealed that women are making five common mistakes.

According to Christie in one of her recent videos, these mistakes are detracting from your style and so it’s important that you take notes.

The fashion expert said: “I’m a personal stylist that helps women rise to their heights and best selves through style.

“Today I wanted to talk to you about style mistakes that we make.” 

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Ditch the tank tops

If you are someone that wears a vest top underneath a blouse, it might be time to find a new style.

Christie said: “The first style mistake and one that makes me cringe is when someone layers a tank underneath their top because it’s too short.

“The band that it creates under the hip line and the way that you are constantly tugging at your shirt because it’s not the correct length just drives me crazy.

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“To me this ends up looking so sloppy and takes away from a sophisticated, polished look.

“To me, this really destroys a look.”

Say goodbye to matching jewellery sets

If you like to wear bold matching jewellery sets, this is another thing that makes Christie's blood boil.

The fashionista explained: “The second thing that I think detracts from your style are matching jewellery sets.

“These to me have been around for such a long time, this was something that was popular back in the day.

“My suggestion is to wear them separately.

“To me, the matchy matchy thing looks a little dated and I think this is something we can do better with.”

Grubby shoes are a no no 

We’re all very busy people and may often overlook certain things, but if your shoes are looking grubby, Christie advises you to take action now.

She continued: “Another style mistake I’ve seen women make is to not take care of their footwear.

“Now I get it because we lead busy, crazy lives but the reality is, our shoes get scuffed, they get dirty, they get worn, the soles wear out.

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“This is something that you really want to pay attention to because when your footwear is tattered, it really takes your look down a notch.

“You want your clothing to look as polished and well-manicured as possible and if your shoes have a tonne of scuffs on them or they’re dirty, or maybe they just need a new sole, take the time to do so. 

“A local shoe cobbler can make magic on your footwear.”

Trousers that don’t sit properly 

If you feel as though your trousers aren’t sitting correctly, it’s time to take notes.

The personal stylist added: “Another mistake I see women make is getting the wrong rise in your pants, this goes for both trousers and denim.

“Getting the wrong rise and having your pants grasp at an area of your body that is not flattering, will create the dreaded ‘muffin top’.

“Here’s the thing, you don’t have a muffin top, it’s the rise of your pants that’s creating it because they’re grabbing onto your body in order to not fall off.

“Getting the right rise of pants will help smooth the line of your silhouette.”

Avoid wearing clothes that are too small 

Finally, as much as the majority of us would hate to admit that we need to go up a size and want to stick to the smaller sized jeans, Christie revealed this is a major mistake and is actually just going to make you look bigger than you actually are. 

Christie concluded: “Another mistake I see that women make is wearing too small of a size because they are scared to go up a size or whether because they feel they are one size and they think that works across the board.

“Wearing something that's too small, because you don’t want to go up a size, will never make your style better.

“I’ve seen so many women wear things that are too small and they cut across the bust or they can’t really move properly because the garment is too tiny for them.

“The reality is if you get something that fits you properly, that is always going to look a million times better than wearing something that is too tight.”

Christie’s video has clearly impressed many as it has racked up a whopping 18,829 views and 1.6k likes

Many fashion fans appreciated Christie’s tips and expressed this in the comments. 

One person said: “I've literally been searching Google, YouTube, everything… for this exact content. Thank you! This is exactly what I've been looking for.”

Another added: “Thank you! You really go the extra mile to help us understand body shape. The side by side views of what to do and what to avoid is super helpful too.” 

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A third commented: “This is so helpful for my menopausal expanding waistline!! Great tips and tricks, thank you!”

Head over to Christie's YouTube to watch her full video.

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