I’m a fashion expert – my bra hack changed the way I wear tank tops | The Sun

THERE is certainly more than one way to wear bras and tank tops.

One woman just revealed a bra hack that helped improve the look of her overall outfit.

TikToker and fashion lover Karla Cristina shared a video with a bra tutorial on social media.

The on-screen caption on her video says: "Fashion hack I found on TikTok and it actually works."

She starts her video by standing in front of the camera with a white tank top on.

Underneath the tank top, it's easy to see the outline of her bra.

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Next, she switches positions of her clothing to have the bra on the outside of her top.

After that, she folds the fabric from the bottom of her tank top back up and slides her arms through the openings.

Instantly, the basic tank top has turned into a trendy crop top.

The layers of material are folded over in a way that forms a light to dark color transition.

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The final results are obviously exactly what Karla was going for.

Along with her crop top that's been created with her bra hack, she's wearing light-blue, high-waisted jeans and a small necklace.

More than 2,000 people have written responses in her comment section.

One person wrote: "I did it with a black tank top and it looks so good on me."

"I like the two-tone effect," someone else wrote.

Another person added: "I did this as a teen over 20 years ago."

"Looks great, and so do the jeans on you," another TikToker said.

Someone else posted: "Very cool! I would have never thought to do that. Definitely my style."

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