I’m a farm girl who shops at Home Depot – there’s a way to deal with the haters and nothing needs to be said | The Sun

A SELF-PROCLAIMED country girl has shared how she deals with criticism that’s hurled towards her.

The influencer, known only as T, revealed that no words are needed when she faces hate.

She described herself as a “Home Depot” girl and has shared clips of herself looking at tools in the popular hardware store.

Sporting a white Stetson, T revealed in a TikTok clip: “I got something for all you haters.”

She paired the headwear with a white top and blue skirt before retrieving an item that was out of shot.

T was then seen holding a pan and a wooden spoon, adding: “See this…. I’m just gonna be a pot stirrer. Professional pot stirrer.”

She then told her critics: “Keep it up” as she wasn’t fazed by the hate.

Fans were left flabbergasted at the thought that T would receive criticism.

One said: “How could anyone hate on you”, while another TikToker asked: “Why would anyone hate you?”

Viewers loved the fact that T described herself as a so-called “professional pot stirrer”.

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Some joked that her fans were “left out” as she only addressed how she tackles haters.

In other clips, T has claimed that she’s been told how to live, dress, and who she should date.

Meanwhile, a self-confessed country girl has appeared to hit back at haters who have accused her of getting too dressed up.

Posting to TikTok, user Danielle Prater said her followers had suggested the song Broadway girls was "aimed" at her.

The Morgan Wallen hit focuses on a night out in the famous Nashville district and the people you might meet there.

A "Broadway girl" is said to be one who gets dressed up in short shorts, cowboy hats, and boots.

Danielle wrote: "Bc [because] in my other video to this sound someone said this song was 'aimed' towards me, so let’s dress the part."

The social media user then shared a clip of her in a hoodie with minimal makeup before transitioning to shorts and a white, sparkly top.

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Another sent fans wild when she revealed what she wears underneath her Home Depot apron.

While, a self-described country girl left viewers stunned when she offered an insight into her second job.

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