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SINCE Dollar Tree sells items that are only $1.25 a piece, it’s an affordable place for most people to shop.

There are ways you can create a high-end look using Dollar Tree items, according to two bargain shoppers.

Do it on a Dime is a YouTube channel run by a woman named Kathryn while Bargain Bethany is a YouTube channel run by a woman named Bethany.

Together, they’ve teamed up to highlight some of the easiest ways to fake high-end looks with Dollar Tree inventory.

Pegboard systems 

The first Dollar Tree items Kathryn and Bethany talk about are the pegboard systems customers can buy.

Bethany mentions the fact that she used a pegboard system to decorate her art supplies in a separate video. 

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The pegboard systems come in black or white and can be mixed and matched.

Back-to-School Board

Kathryn excitedly shares details about the dry erase boards for sale at Dollar Tree.

She shows off the steps she followed to create a back-to-school board with the dry erase board as the main base.

She adds a clear pencil holder to the front as well as a brown sticky edge to hold pictures and reminder tabs.

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Underneath that, she has a white row of hooks to hold accessories and backpacks.

Mini Acrylic Drawers 

Next up, Kathryn and Bethany describe the mini acrylic drawers they found at Dollar Tree.

Kathryn says: “These are really great on the inside of kitchen cabinets.

“You can store extra supplies [and] you can store tea bags. You know the taco seasoning packets? Those would fit really well inside of these.”

Phone Rings on Organizers 

When shoppers see phone rings on Dollar Tree shelves, they typically might think those rings are good for one use.

According to Kathryn, phone rings can be used for something else entirely – and creatively.

In her video, she detaches the string from the phone ring and adds it to the front of an organizational box. 

It instantly makes the organizational box look more classy and luxurious.

Fairy Lights 

Another interesting DIY project Kathryn and Bethany discuss in their video includes hollowed-out fairy lights.

In the bottom hole of the fairy light, they add fake plants and succulents.

When the bulb is lit up in Kathryn's room, it adds an excellent flare of decoration.

Fan Cleaners

Kathryn and Bethany excitedly talk about the fuzzy fan cleaners they found at Dollar Tree after that.

Kathryn says: “Just pop it right on top of the handle of any broomstick.“

She then shows off how easy the cleaner is to use for dusting the top surfaces of fans.

Flat Circular Scrubbers

The next item Bethany and Kathryn discuss is circle-shaped scrubbers.

Kathryn says: “These are like $6 or $7 at Walmart! 

“They’re amazing for use outside. They’re easy to use with awesome cleaner every time… you should definitely grab a few.”

Cake Decorating Supplies

Kathryn and Bethany walk through the party supply aisle of Dollar Tree to find cake decorating supplies.

Kathryn holds up a cake smoothing spatula as one of the first items she’s excited about.

In her video, she showcases how to use the spatula while spreading frosting on each layer of her sheet cake.


In order to make her cake look more exquisite than before, Kathryn adds an assortment of purple flowers to each layer.

She says you can get cheap flowers at the grocery store, or from Dollar Tree.

Fake flowers from Dollar Tree look realistic, yet they never actually wither and die.

Before adding the flower stems to the cake, she wraps them in cellophane for safety measures.

Styrofoam Cake Toppers

Creating the perfect cake topper for any celebration is possible with Styrofoam Rounds from Dollar Tree.

Kathryn and Bethany select sizable round balls of Styrofoam from Dollar Tree shelves for future projects.

As an example for her YouTube viewers, Kathryn creates what looks like a cake topper of frosting made of Styrofoam. 

Several YouTubes have responded in the comment section with their opinions.

One woman wrote: "I love the phone cord idea! I used one on the back of a dollar tree grabber.

"It makes it fit better on a thin wall hanging organizer. I have it next to my dog leashes & lint brush in a catch-all area. No more falling off the hook."

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"Some great inspirational tips in this one! Using the phone ring for a decorative handle was one I'd never seen or thought of before," someone else added, "I already have some ideas for that one!"

Another YouTuber who loves Dollar Tree said: "I love your drawer organizer idea."

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