I’m a Dollar General super fan – the countdown to Christmas starts now & you can get holiday must-haves for only a PENNY | The Sun

AS the lights close out in summer, the fall fans and Christmas crowds begin to form their countdown to the holiday season.

Though it may seem a bit early, one discount shopper started herChristmas shopping at Dollar General, where she found supplies for only a penny each.

TikTok's queen of couponing Mads posted a video revealing why now's the time to get ahead on some of your Christmas shopping.

While it may seem like holiday sales are ways away, Dollar General has stocked its penny section already.

Mads bought a total of 33 items, making her total $0.33.

"Alright y'all, I know we're not even to Halloween yet, but that does not stop me from scoring these Christmas items from Dollar General today for pennies," Mads says.


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Although Mads found the penny supply of Christmas goodies, not every Dollar General will have put their holiday inventory out yet.

She traveled to four locations until she found a store with the section.

"But it was worth it," she admits.

Between multiple boxes of 12-set Christmas cards and decorative lights, Mads got expensive items for way less.

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Hse also got money holders and a box of 32 cards.

"I cannot contain my excitement. I was literally sweating in the store. I was so excited," she says.

Mads urges viewers to download the Dollar General app to figure out which items are only a penny in-store.

Scan the items on the app, and it will price-check them for you.

"Because prices do vary by store and items do vary by store as well," Mads explains.

She leaves viewers with one warning: "I wouldn't trust the in or out of a stock portion of the app because after I scanned all of these, it said all f these items were out of stock."

However, for an accurate account of what's on sale for a penny, Mads said that the list usually comes out on Tuesdays.

Excitement, eagerness, and appreciation for Mads' post rang through the comments section.

"Omg I'm gonna look when I go Tuesday! Thanks for the heads up," one fan wrote, while another added: "The Christmas bags are a penny today and certain decorations."

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