I'm a dog trainer – years of working with pooches means there's a breed I'll never own | The Sun

A DOG trainer has revealed the breed he will never own, after years of working with pooches.

Sam Hoke took to TikTok to share a video explaining the reasons he will never invite any kind of doodle – dogs crossbred with a poodle – into his home.

"Dog breeds I don’t want, after years of being a dog trainer," he wrote over the clip.

He then pointed to "Golden doodle" – a cross breed of a Golden retriever and poodle – before adding: "Literally any doodle".

As an example, Sam listed "Bernedoodle" and "Sheepadoodle", before adding "Shiba inu" as the only non-doodle breed he wouldn't own.  

"My client list is a pandemic of doodles," he wrote over the video.

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Before captioning it: "The amount of untrained doodles in LA should terrify you."

He then took to the comments section to offer a clarification, writing: "Just to clarify, doodles are incredibly smart, lovable, and trainable.

"I’m just surrounded by untrained ones 24/7 lol."

But people in the comments section agreed that doodles aren't the best dogs to own.

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"Not exclusive to LA. Doodles are so overrated and I’m OVER IT," one wrote.

"doodles aren’t even a breed but yea, they’re always the ones who are never trained," another added.

"Owners buy for aesthetic."

"They’re also not well bred," someone else complained.

"Just a get a well bred poodle with a predictable temperament."

"As someone who works in a vets, I 100% agree with u," another wrote.

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