I’m a curvy midsize mom – my hack will accentuate your waist with zero effort | The Sun

WHILE most of us can be found lounging around in oversized tees and leggings, you don't have to look frumpy to be comfortable.

According to one TikToker, there's an easy way to elevate your casual clothes and accentuate your curves.

TikTok user Brenna Novello shared her simple hack for snatching your waist and it only takes seconds.

"We know graphic tees, biker shorts, yoga pants are a staple. But a lot of times I want to feel comfy but without that oversized look." the curvy mom explained.

She continued: "So go grab your favorite graphic tee, I want you to put it on. Now, we’re going to accentuate our waist and create some definition here."

Brenna demonstrated her hack, which involves pulling the hem of your tee out, and twisting it tightly towards yourself.

"We’re creating a 'V,' which is going to accentuate our stomachs more. Now I want you to twist it around as tight as you can, under and now we’re going to put it through the hole," she detailed.

The TikToker recommended completing the casual look with a tied flannel.

"This is perfect for flannel season. Take your favorite flannel, tie it at your waist, and now you’ve got a cute accentuated look but still comfy and ready to take on the day," she concluded.

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Brenna's followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the style hack.

"Love love love this. Why haven't I found you before now?" wrote one viewer.

Another user called the finished look "so cute."

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