I’m a country girl – I wear shorts and play in the hose but I’m not what men expect, some say I'm 'way better' | The Sun

SOME people think a western hat and a pair of boots are all it takes to be a self-titled "country girl."

One woman demonstrated her cowgirl bona fides – and while she's not what many expect, her viewers don't mind.

When Avery (@ava_gravyyy) took to TikTok to open up about the phenomenon, she had lots of evidence to state her case.

She compiled a montage of posed photos showing women who she considered "country girls" in name only.

"Country girl expectation," she wrote over the pictures, which featured well-groomed women in skimpy plaid outfits.

Almost all the photos showed women in midriff-baring plaid crop tops, lounging against fence posts or in piles of hay.

In one photo, a woman in a cowgirl hat and designer belt mimed pointing a pistol at the camera.

Another showed a woman in a leather vest, micro shorts, and hoop earrings, smiling with her fingers in her belt loops.

Avery's video cut back to "reality" in an instant: a clip of her, in a tank top and loose shorts, standing in front of bulky farm equipment.

In one hand, Avery held what appeared to be a nearly-empty jug of iced tea.

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With the other hand, she sprayed water from a hose directly into her open mouth.

Water ricocheted off her face and onto the camera, and dribbled down the front of her dirty tank top.

Avery was self-deprecating in the caption. "At this point I’m just giving y’all content to bully me for," she wrote.

But her followers were charmed by Avery's candid clip, and the honest representation of country living.

"We don't want no buckle bunnies," wrote one viewer, using a derogatory term for a woman who attends rodeos solely to romance cowboys.

Others waxed nostalgic about drinking from the hose.

"Hose water does hit different," a commenter said.

Another agreed, writing, "I do it all the time in summer because I’m too lazy to go inside."

Some commented on Avery's comfortable choice of work attire.

"I do chores in my pajamas," a fellow country girl chimed in.

Men were eager to compliment Avery, and viewers agreed she was "way better" than the country girls she compared herself to.

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"I bet you're gorgeous when you want to look fancy," one flirtatious commenter said.

"Half those girls probably haven’t ever stepped foot in a barn or barefoot in cow s**t," another viewer wrote.

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