I’m a country girl – I changed into a bikini in the cowshed and people say 'God was showing off' when he made me | The Sun

A YOUNG woman has enthralled viewers with what she looks like with and without a bikini.

She shared a video online where some people say she's showing off her good looks.

TikTok creator Brookie enjoys posting relatable content about her life as a country girl and dating.

She can primarily be seen rocking a hat and lounge attire in many videos.

In one particular TikTok video, she is joined by a female friend to show off their curvy body shapes while standing in a cowshed.

Brookie and her friend go from drab to fab during the video.


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The video begins with the duo standing in front of the camera in similar fashionable outfits.

They are both wearing off-white cowboy hats, dark-wash denim shorts, and matching cream crew neck sweatshirts.

They are holding white bikini tops with tiny blue writing against their frames.

Brookie and her friend are smiling and dancing with the top for most of the video before shifting to another look.

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Toward the end of the eight-second video, the two women switch to the white bikini tops in the work environment and are no longer wearing sweatshirts.

They expertly transition into the tops by placing them against their bodies and lightly "jumping" into the next style.

Many of the viewers tossed their two cents into the comment section of the video.

"Wow absolutely wow 2 incredibly beautiful lady," a user commented.

"When God made you, he was showing off." x2!!" another added.

"I’ll take both please," one viewer voiced online.

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