I'm a cosmetic dentist – the 5 dangers of getting 'Turkey Teeth' to save money

WE all know someone who has jetted off overseas to get their teeth done with dreams of their big transformation. 

But although it might save a few pounds in the long run, what's the real cost of dental tourism? And could that dream quickly spiral into a nightmare? 

Now, a dental expert has filled Fabulous in on the do’s and don'ts of ‘Turkey Teeth’ – plus the tell tale signs that you’ve had your teeth done on the cheap. 

Dr Aneka Khaira, a cosmetic dentist and founder of Vogue Dental, gives us the lowdown.


The practice of dentistry is regulated here, therefore anything carried out has to comply with standards of conduct and ethics set by the governing body (General Dental Council) to safeguard the patient. 

These stricter regulations do not apply to dentists abroad, leading to greater risks. 

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There have been reports of patients being seriously ill post-treatment or and even, sadly deaths associated which is very concerning the standard of dentistry and medicine being practised abroad. 

There is a huge biological risk of potentially losing your teeth due to heavy preparations. 

This may begin with root canal (which is done quickly, carrying a high chance of failure) then once this fails and the crown (that they falsely advertise as veneers), you may end up having to get an implant. 


It may be cheaper to get dental work done in Turkey, but the cost is to your teeth and oral health. 

Implications are the risk of losing teeth and higher prices for remedial work in the UK. So even though you may pay less to start with, you could pay much more long term. 

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Lack of aesthetic detail 

A definite tell tale sign of cheap teeth is the lack of aesthetic detail. High-quality dentistry is an art – premium veneers look natural. 

Most of my clientele desire smile makers to look like nice teeth that they can pass as their own, not bright white one-dimensional teeth that look fake. 

Smile makeovers in Turkey are carried out so quickly, as they don't use highly skilled technicians but use machine made veneers which lack detail. 

Veneers made here in the UK are carefully hand-crafted by skilled lab technicians. This is a very intricate process and takes time, so my average turnaround for veneers is 3 weeks from temporaries to the final fit.

However, the total time from consultation to final review may take up to 6 weeks.

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Further damage 

As a result of cheap dental work, the bite can be uneven, leading to further problems such as TMJD, migraines, and further breakages of the teeth.

You can end up in more pain. This is often due to over-preparation (exposing sensitive dentine/nerves) or not placing temporary crowns on the teeth.

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