I'm a cooking guru, how to make the perfect scotch eggs in your Air Fryer – it’s all about timing for the yolk | The Sun

THEY’RE a hard snack to master cooking at the best of times, but a foodie has revealed how they’ve found the perfect way to make a scotch egg – in the air fryer.

TikTok user @airfry_jen also shared how they’d figured out how long to cook each one so that the yolk is however you like it.

The foodie, who has built an impressive following since she began posting air fryer recipes on her social media account, uploaded a step-by-step guide showing how it’s done.

First, Jen said to prepare the three ingredients – the amount of eggs you want to cook, sausage meat and breadcrumbs. 

Next, the cooking pro said to pop the eggs into the air fryer at 170 degrees for ten minutes if you want a hard boiled egg, and just eight if you prefer your yolk to be runny. 

When the cooking time is up, simply peel the shell off of the boiled eggs, and wrap in a generous amount of sausage meat.

Then, put a cracked egg into one bowl, and breadcrumbs into another and dip the boiled eggs into the egg first, and then coat with the breadcrumbs. Jen did this twice over. 

The next step is to spray each one with oil and out on to air fry mode for twenty minutes at 200 degrees.

The result? Perfectly cooked scotch eggs that taste delicious. 

When one of her followers said that they prefer the yolk runnier, Jen advised them to cook for just eight minutes, rather than the full ten.

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She added: “They are absolutely amazing though.

“I love a warm homemade Scotch egg.”

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While another of her followers said they’d tried out a similar recipe and mastered the runny yolk.

They said: “If you want a runny yolk, boil for 6 minutes then straight in ice water made my first ones last night.”

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