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WHILE many of us may think that we’re doing a good job of cleaning our homes, we might actually be forgetting some crucial places.

According to one cleaning guru, there are four areas in the house that people don’t check in on – meaning they’re left filthy and in need of a good deep clean.

TikTok account Blueland – a company dedicated to reinventing home essentials to end single-use plastic – uploaded a video called ‘4 spots you are forgetting to clean.’

Despite their followers predicting that it would be certain cabinets or around the fridge, Blueland revealed the spots weren’t just confined to the kitchen.

Blueland, who can be found on the social media platform at @blueland, explained that the number one place we need to focus on is in the bedroom – specifically the mattress.

They said: “Without regular cleaning, your mattress can accumulate dust, sweat and dead skin.

“Sprinkle some baking soda, let it sit for a few hours and then vacuum. The baking soda will break down acid and absorb moisture or odour.”

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Elsewhere, the bathroom also has an accessory that many people blank out during their cleaning routine – the bathroom mat.

Blueland continued: “Your bath mat is often damp, providing the ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

“Don’t forget to toss it into the washing machine every other week with one of our laundry tablets.”

While in the kitchen, the washing machine is often neglected – but that can be easily fixed thanks to their fail safe method.

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They explained: “Run an empty regular cycle or hot using two cups of white vinegar instead of detergent.

“The hot water vinegar combo removes and prevents bacterial growth. Vinegar can also act as a deodorizer and cut through mildew.”

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Finally, window screens, which can be found throughout your home, should also be remembered. 

Blueland concluded: “Mix together a bowl of hot water with powder dish soap.

“Then get a brush to dip into the solution and scrub your screens.”

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