I'm a beauty pro & have discovered a very simple way to curl your hair without using any heat at all | The Sun

From tongs to socks, there are now endless methods you can use to curl your hair.

But we bet there's one technique you haven't tried yet…

Emily Elizabeth, who posts under the acronym @eggdressesup, took to TikTok and shared the clever hack she uses to curl her hair without heat.

The answer? A pair of leggings.

In a lengthy video she demonstrates how to get the best results and begins: "Just when I thought we run out of things to curl our hair with, someone did overnight curls with leggings."

"And you'll see by the end why this is an ingenious idea."


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She explains: "Basically you put the crotch of the leggings at the top of your head and then you wrap your hair around the legs of the leggings."

"I started from the top and just grabbed the hair and twisted away from my face and added more hair as I went down."

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"Then you flip the opening of the leggings over your hair to secure it wile you're sleeping so that it doesn't unravel."

"Ok so after you've wrapped and secured both sides – this is the best part that really blew my mind – you can flip over the waistband of the leggings to go over your head like a cap."

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Emily admits she was sceptical at first, but quickly realised she could cross both of the twists behind her head before putting the cap over.

"This felt so secure and my hair didn't budge at all throughout the night," she says.

"It ended up being super comfortable to sleep in – out of all of the overnight curls I've done, this is definitely one of the most comfortable because it was so protected and secure."

And Emily was delighted with the results.

"The curls ended up being very uniform and neat because there weren't any stray hairs that fell out during the night," she enthuses.

Emily then went on to note how she simply loosed the curls by shaking them out.

"Out of all the methods I've tried, this is definitely my favourite way to curl my hair overnight," the beauty fan says.

The post has since racked up an impressive 1.4 million views and been flooded by comments from others eager to give the unique curling hack a whirl for themselves.

"Woah woah woah I can finally use the leggings I never wear!" joked one.

A second quipped: "Hear me out, satin pyjamas!"

A third wrote: "I do this but with a pair of tights, much more comfortable to wear."

Meanwhile, another commented: "GENIUSSSS."

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A further enthused: "OMG IT LOOKS SO GOOD!!"

And one more social media user added: "Brb collecting my jaw that just dropped."

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