I'm a beautician and these are the nightmare waxing situations you should know about

GETTING your bits out for a wax can always feel a bit awkward.

But, hopefully it is never as bad as these nightmare stories.

A beautician from Perth, Australia, has spilled the 'most shocking' things she's seen at Brazilian waxing appointments, admitting that clients who don't wash properly are the most irritating.

Speaking to body+soul, she revealed: "Even beautiful people have some seriously unglamorous things going on downstairs on waxing day."

Some even head in for their appointments straight after having sex, some during their periods and even clients farting has left salon workers blushing.


Super sweaty

If you’re heading to the salon straight after a sweaty gym session, make sure you have a shower or a good wipe after your workout, because every bit of you sweats.

The beautician admitted she had treated people who have been “very smelly” as a result of them exercising beforehand.

And if you don’t have time to freshen up?

The expert recommended: "A feminine wipe does the trick though. Simple. Easy. Pop to the loo before the treat, a quick wipe of the lady garden and voila – you’re deodorised.”

The post-coital wax

Sex makes you as sweaty as exercise.

The beautician admitted: “Way too many women go for a wax straight after sex.

She said it can be :"Absolutely putrid," down there post coitus.

Not only is the odour “unmistakeable” and unpleasant, it can also cause puffiness in the entire intimate area as your privates get engorged when they are aroused.

So, best to save sex for post wax.

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Period problems

It really should be common courtesy to avoid the beauty salon when you’re on your period unless it is an absolute emergency.

Biology tells us that your body is at its most sensitive at that time of the month, so it makes zero sense to get a painful wax at that time.

She shared that some clients open their legs and she's greeted by a tampon string hanging out.

The beautician couldn't hold back her bafflement as she said: “Why not just wait a few days? Eeeeeeeuuuuuwwww.”

Toilet humour

The salon worker revealed the absolute worst situation: "Has to be poo in the bum region though."

"If you've used the toilet before your appointment, it's probably an idea to hop in the shower.

"Or at the very least, wipe properly!" she asked, reminding future clients.

Flatulence fail

Luckily for the beautician, "only one lady has ever farted," whilst she has been waxing her.

We can only imagine how awkward it was for all when she rolled over for her wax and farted.

The beautician's main concern was holding back laughter at the unexpected toot.

"I managed not to laugh which was good because she was mortified." Shared the beautician.

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