I’m a 37-year-old mum and hate wearing a bra – I used to be scared to go out in public but now I don’t care, judge away | The Sun

A WOMAN has declared she has been liberated since she decided to go braless.  

Christina Hladnik known as Flower Child explained online she decided to go braless as part of her spiritual awakening journey. 

Christina is an artist, mum and co-owner of Inner Haven which is a spiritual development programme. 

Christina loves dancing and even refers to herself as the ‘twerking hippie’.

In a video online she confessed she wasn’t always comfortable going braless in public and worried about what other people might think. 

She said: "Old me – embarrassed to go braless in public…scared to go against ‘societal norms’ as a 37 years old mum."

The artist later explained the ‘societal norms’ she decided to let go of. 

“The ones imposed on me through conditioning from parents, school, religion, trauma etc. They look different for everyone based on their life experiences.”

She says now she isn’t nervous about going braless in public and doesn't care what people may think. 

“Me now: Judge away I am FREEEE and LOVE my body.”

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Under the hashtag radical self acceptance Christina has said she is learning to love her stretch marks, squishy tummy, thinning hair and wrinkly face and encouraged others to do the same. 

Christina’s video gained over 872,000 views and the spiritual mum received hundreds of supportive comments.

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One user said: “Keep shining your beautiful and unique light.”

Another added: “You don't have anything to be ashamed of beautiful.”

Viewers also said that going braless felt freeing. 

A commenter said: “Me too sis!!! I went out in public without one the other day, no one cares."

One male viewer confessed: “I encourage my wife to do the same.”

A female viewer said they wished to join Christina but didn’t think their body shape would allow it: “Nope I wish but my girls hang way too low."

The spiritual guru did get some criticism from viewers. 

One user said: “Why support something that doesn’t need support? Senseless.”

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But Christina has decided to tackle hate with love. 

In another video she said: “ [She] Reminds herself that she won’t be everyone's cup of tea. In fact I trigger people just by being positive and happy and that's okay” 

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