I'm 5'3'' and weigh 140lbs – I think my body's normal but people say I look 'outstanding' at 41 years old | The Sun

A WOMAN has posted a video of her body online to normalize different body shapes and has been praised for her looks.

The 41-year-old mother posted a video on TikTok that confidently showed off her body.

The video by @wegwosikwe, from Michigan, is another in the long line of women joining the body positivity movement.

The tag #bodypositivity has been searched on TikTok over 35billion times.

For her video, @wegwosikwe posed in a park wearing grey shorts and a black tank top to show off her body.

"Let's normlize everyone's body. This is what 5'3", 140ilbs looks like," the caption said.

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She included the tags "#thisis41yearsofwoman, #love yourself, #normalizenormalbodies."

The video which has been viewed over 38,000 times was incredibly popular with viewers who thanked her for posting it.

While many viewers credited the Tiktoker's looks, calling her "outstanding" and "awesome" others showed their gratitude.

One viewer wrote: "My body looks a lot like yours and this made me feel so much more happier with my body!

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"Thank you so much you look great"

Others said: "MY BODY TYPE" and "I'm the same."

The social media user also posts videos which raise awareness for mental health and victims of physical and emotional violence.

In one video she films herself with the caption: "It's okay not to be okay."

The cancer survivor has also posted a video showing the back of her hand against her mouth in a new online trend for women raising awareness of abuse.

In the video in which she calls herself a "warrior" and "survivor" she reveals that she has survived emotional and physical abuse and sexual assault.

Viewers apologised to the single-mom for having to endure such difficulties, with one saying: "I'm sorry!"

Another who goes by the name Amanda said: "You're so strong. Period. Love you!"

The U.S Sun have previously covered a number of body positivity stories.

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