I'm 45 but look so young people think I'm my teen daughter's sister – they call us 'Kourtney and Kendall Kardashian' | The Sun

GETTING older is perfectly natural, but some people are lucky enough to look younger for longer.

One woman recently revealed that she's aging so well that people mistake her for her teen daughter's sister.

The mum, Pandora, and her daughter, Tatiana, shared a clip on the TikTok account @tatianafs1 leaving viewers stunned.

In the video, the duo pose for the camera in matching workout gear, but despite the age difference 45-year-old Pandora doesn't look nearly old enough to have a fully grown daughter.

Tatiana captioned the pic: "Me and my mum get compared to Kourtney and Kendall."

Just like the Kardashian-Jenner clan, the pair showed off their toned figures and smiled.

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This isn't the first time the mum has wowed people with her youthful looks, she even dresses like her daughter, often sporting matching crop tops.

Speaking about the Kardashian comparison, Tatiana said: "It's the height difference mostly."

Viewers were so impressed with the duo's looks, one said: "Omg I can't get over your figures!!"

A second wrote: "She does look like Kourtney Kardashian!"

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On another clip, someone commented: "You could be twins."

"This is why I need a kid young," another joked.

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