I’m 21 with two kids – trolls call them ‘mistakes’, ask if I know about 'protection' & presume they have different dads

IT'S hard being a mum – but it's even more challenging when you're young and people judge you no matter what.

Samantha de Laar became a mum-of-two at the age of 21, and despite being a successful mother who also runs a business, there are people who troll her.

In a video titled “Young mom judgement'' Samantha explained what it's like being a mum at 21 in the age of social media.

According to her, there have been crude remarks about her and her partner not learning from their “mistakes''.

“Yikes, do you not know how to use protection?'' some have said.


It seems that there's a worrying proportion of people who still live by the ancient belief that a woman should be of a certain age to become a“real'' mother; anything below shouldn't be allowed.

“Oh honey, you're still a baby!''

However, one the most common comments, the mum to Kai and Kove said, is people assuming the two children have different dads.

On the topic of fathers, “Is the dad still around?'' is another question Samantha gets asked a lot.

There were also fellow TikTok mums and mums-to-be who were treated in a similar way, with one sharing: “I'm in the same boat with a 1-year-old and due early July and I get judged so much for it!''

While most viewers were kind and understanding, there were also those who didn't quite agree with Samantha and her choices.

“Well, what are answers to those questions? No more babies for now,'' one commenter wrote.

“Get better protection so you can care for yourself and boys,'' she added.

Samantha didn't let that slide: “My children were planned!''

“People thing that just because I'm young, this isn't the life I wanted, lol!''

Samantha isn't the only young mum who's being trolled -“I’m 25 with a 14-year-old son, people always shame me for it but I love being a young mum.''

Meanwhile, this mum gave birth to her son at 13 but she's totally against teen pregnancy –“I could have died.''

Also, a mum-of-three constantly mistaken for a teenager or her son’s SISTER – and reveals what she does to stay so youthful.

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