I’m 175lbs and people say I’m ‘body goals’ – weight doesn’t matter, I even put on 10lbs while working out | The Sun

A FIT woman has proven that the number on the scale isn't all it's cracked up to be.

She revealed that she weighs 175 pounds and people are calling her "body goals."

Caili Naomi (@cailinaomi) is a digital content creator who loves fashion and fitness.

She took to TikTok to reveal the truth about her weight and how it fluctuates.

Naomi even shared that her weight increased by 10 pounds after working out in the gym.

"Friendly reminder of what a 175 pound body looks like," she wrote over a video of herself.

Naomi posed from the front and side, revealing her fit figure in athletic wear.

"Just so you know over the holidays, I didn't work out a week, and I lost about 10 pounds," she revealed.

"Started working out again and gained 10 pounds," she added.

"Weight doesn’t matter, you're beautiful momma," Naomi wrote in the caption.

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She also specified her height as 5-foot-6, making 175 pounds over the BMI limit for her height.

The video came as a commentary on BMI and how many in the fitness and health communities argue that it is an outdated measure of health.

The BMI system does not take into account important factors such as muscle mass.

Some experts recommend measuring the amount of body fat and working with that number as a health assessment instead.

Viewers, stunned by Naomi's video, shared their praises in the comment section.

"Body goals," one fan raved.

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