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FOR those who have ever wondered what it takes to be a server at Hooters, one employee has shared her intense experience with the company's dress code – and its unforgiving rules.

Andrea Rae is a Canada-based cosplayer who took to YouTube to dish on the iconic Hooters uniform and what she has to do to comply.

First, she addressed hairstyle — hair must be heat styled.

“Your hair needs to be styled,” she said. “So even if you have straight hair, even if you have curly hair —  you have to apply some sort of heat product to it.”

"You have to look glam basically," she added.

Hair must be worn loose by all Hooters servers.


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"It has to be down and done," she said. "Can't have a ponytail, can't have it half up, can't have a braid, can't have a clip — really nothing — it has to be down."

Rae also covered acceptable makeup looks for the Hooters brand.

"You have to get glammed," she said. "You have to look photoshoot ready."

Rae also discussed piercings and tattoos. While the company does not discriminate against tattooed individuals, all tattoos must be covered, either with clothing or body makeup.

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"They'll give you a job, you just have to cover it up which isn't too bad," she advised tattooed prospective Hooters employees.

Clothing must be sized as fitted to the body as possible.

“So this is an extra extra small,” she said while showing off her uniform. “Your shirts are supposed to be super fitted.”

"It's not good when [the shirt] bunches up, when it's too big," she added. "That's why I wear the really small shirts. It looks way better and it sucks you in."

Legs must appear sun-kissed year-round at the restaurant chain.

"You also have to wear the pantyhose which they give you in Sun Tan color," she revealed. "Your legs are supposed to be a bit tanned."

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For the final touch, Rae revealed the essential product every Hooters server keeps on her person.

"You always have to carry a lipgloss on you," she said. "In your pouch and reapply all day long."

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