I went to Turkey to sort my teeth but 7 MONTHS and £13k later they're still not done – it’s been an absolute nightmare | The Sun

HEADING abroad for surgery may seem like a good idea at first, but it’s the aftercare which is key. 

Having an invasive treatment often means that checkups are inevitable – and no surgery is risk free.

And cosmetic surgery fans who are opting for the cheaper routes should be aware that it may end up costing them more if they head abroad after having to pay for flights as well. 

The NHS website states: “It's important to do your research if you're thinking about having cosmetic surgery abroad.

“It can cost less than in the UK, but you need to weigh up potential savings against the potential risks. 

“Safety standards may not be as high.”


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Kieran Weeder is now raising awareness for others who want to head abroad for cosmetic surgery like getting veneers. 

He shared a video on his TikTok, and it has since gathered thousands of people concerned about the treatment. 

Kieran got veneers in Turkey and in the video he explains how he originally thought it would be done in two trips, at a total price of £5,500. 

He thought: “Three months and you’ll have that perfect smile and not need to hide it away anymore.” 

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However, “seven months, sixe trips and £13,000 later” his teeth are still not done.

In the video he is holding an ice pack in his mouth.

He captions the video: “Yeah, I’m over this journey now! Back in October…will that be the final part?”

Hundreds of people rushed to the comments section to share their concern. 

One wrote: “I’m glad your honest people don’t realise.”

To which Kieran replied: “Sold a dream, served a nightmare.”

Someone else said: “I Know it happened to me, they said £4000 but now I’ve paid £8500.”

Sold a dream, served a nightmare

Another added: “Where did you go too? I’ve had major problems with them also, it's a false advertisement.” 

If you have complications after an operation in the UK, it's the surgeon's responsibility to provide follow-up treatment.

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Overseas clinics may not provide follow-up treatment, or they may not provide it to the same standard as in the UK, according to the NHS.

Be cautious of websites selling cosmetic surgery as part of a holiday. It might be helpful to read Is cosmetic surgery right for me? to find out more.

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