I went on a date with a guy – afterwards he sent me a text calling me the worst word imaginable

A WOMAN has asked the online dating app, Bumble, to sort itself out, after a rude date calls her the worst word imaginable.

Alice, the owner of the rising swimwear brand, Apollo Swim, shared the video on TikTok, where it's racked almost 60 thousand views in less than 24 hours.

''I went on a date for the first time in ages the other night,'' she said before revealing the vulgar text messages.

After realising Alice had unfollowed his profile, the man proceeded to slide in her Direct Messages on Instagram.

''Alright well you're getting the same you boring c**t.


''And so is your s***y swimwear brand,'' he added.

Shortly after – within 15 minutes – he also dropped a text on WhatsApp, writing he would delete her ''on here as well''.

''After bringing me into town listening to your boring chat about your f*****g dog when I could just stay at home,'' he sent a minute later.

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Alice, who has been asked to do a story time on this date, described the guy as an ''absolute man child''.

''I wish I had stayed at home,'' she told the audience.

Despite the rather unpleasant encounter, viewers pointed out that it could've ended a lot worse.

''You could look at this as a failed date,'' said one.

''Personally if they show their red flags well before you invested any real time, then you’re the winner!''

''dodged a bullet there hun,'' someone else agreed.

Another user called the man a ''low value guy'', whilst a fourth said: ''Some men really can’t take rejection.''

''I actually feel embarrassed for him,'' read a comment.

''The fact he’s this upset proves how amazing you are and how Insecure he is.''

One critical person thought: ''Why not just be honest with ppl and say you don’t fancy them.

''Instead of knocking a guys ego…''

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