I wear a bra as a top – it’s less obvious when you double up, it makes me feel on cloud nine | The Sun

AN excited fashion guru shared more of herself in a racy get-up.

The TikToker admitted to her obsession with wearing bras as tops and said it makes her feel like she's on cloud nine.

Serena Sun (@serenalsun) put together a daring ensemble in her recent TikTok video.

As a style obsessor, Serena's comfort zone is endless when taking fashion risks with her everyday outfits.

And wearing a bra as a top is her new passion.

Serena grabbed her drink next to the camera and dawned a dark look.

Her black eyeliner matched her black two-piece suit set.

She slowly backed up to expose her cropped jacket over two black lacy bras.

"How I feel when I wear a bra as a top," Serena proclaimed.

In the background, the video sound sang: "La, la la la la la, la la la la la."

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"This was one bra on top of the other. Genius, I know," her caption read.

The fashion fan's jacket was unbuttoned and wide open, while her matching shorts were worn on top of sheer polka-dotted tights.

Serena added a bit of color with a shimmery metallic belt.

She seemed content as she bounced around in her bold garb.

Viewers shared the same excitement Serena had over the bra look.

"And no one will know," a sly woman pointed out.

"The best part," Serena commented back at her.

Serena is an aspiring music artist who loves to share her life online.

She'll post "get ready with me" videos and exciting career announcements.

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