I was left gobsmacked when my sister revealed her baby girl's very unique name – it's completely made up

BABY names are completely subjective and chances are not everyone is going to love your chosen moniker.

But one anonymous woman, from the US, has told how she was left gobsmacked when her sister revealed the name she'd decided to give her baby girl.

Taking to Reddit, she explained: "I just want y’all to know one of my sisters named her daughter Phoenix the other named her daughter f***ing Chosen."

"I hate the name 'Chosen' mostly because *it’s not a name."

She added: "I told them both how f***ing awful they are."

"The one with Chosen says dumb s***t like 'it’s cuz she was Chosen to complete my family,' 'she’s Chosen to make my family whole again.'"


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She’s f****ing crazy in my opinion."

Unsurprisingly, the comments section was flooded with comments – with many agreeing that the name really is quite unfortunate.

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"Names should sound nice, first of all. Like, pleasant to the ear. Chosen doesn't. It sounds like a self-important parent. Phoenix is terribly try-hard, too," wrote one.

A second commented: "I hate when people name their kids things like Chosen, Princess, Messiah, Sire, Legend."

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"Every child I've seen with these types of names has been a brat in public. Like no you did not birth the next Messiah, your kid is a raging a**hole."

A third wrote: "I used to teach public school and any name that has a connotation to royalty – King, Prince, Majesty – were red flags not just for the kid, but their parents too. Not to mention its just trashy."

Meanwhile, another quipped: "I mean it IS a name, it’s just not a good one."

"Most names started out as just a word or a compound of words that meant things. Still doesn’t make chosen not narcissistic though lol."

A further pointed out: "Also, if you name your kid ‘Chosen’ how are your other kids meant to feel?"

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Similarly, someone else added: "I know of a family who named their multiple spawn things like Majesty, King, Duke etc."

But if I was Duke and my sibling was King I’d be fuming why are you literally ranking your kids."

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