I was a wedding guest but ended up looking like a member of the bridal party because of an awkward mistake | The Sun

WEDDINGS have adhered to strict traditions ranging from certain cultural customs.

Sometimes, however, an honest mistake can occur.

Kelly Brown is a digital content creator and founder of Love By the Ounce, a company which sells breast milk jewelry.

She took to Instagram to share her wedding guest gaffe, which left her looking like a member of the bridal party.

"When you go to a wedding in your brand new hunter green gown and didn't get the memo," Brown wrote in a text overlay on the video.

"The wedding party's colors are hunter green," she added.


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Brown offered her solution to prevent future blunders for wedding guests.

"I think it should be a new etiquette that you have to disclose your wedding colors so we can avoid wearing a gown that makes us look like we are in the wedding," she wrote in the caption.

"Felt self conscious at first but now I am just gonna rock it," she added.

Kate Rapp, who attended the same wedding, offered comforting words in the comment section.

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"You totally rocked it!!" Rapp exclaimed. "I'm so glad I got to see you!!"

"You are so sweet," Brown replied. "You looked beautiful my friend."

Others wrote suggestions as to how to avoid the embarassing mistake in the future.

"Typically wedding invites do have the wedding colors or a taste of what the wedding decor is going to be," one commenter wrote.

"Usually you pick invites that match with your them of the wedding," the commenter added. "IMO."

"It was a rustic invite," Brown replied.

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